What we do

Ibtikar Research and Consulting provides social development and participatory research in Arab countries to a wide range of clients. Firmly grounded in community-based work, our team promotes minority and gender perspectives to deliver multidisciplinary insights into, and solutions for, human development throughout the region.
Ibtikar strives to consistently exceed expectations by delivering accessible, high quality outputs. Our work represents the nexus of community priorities and development action.

Who we work with

Ibtikar works with organizations that promote positive social agendas and advocate for equitable empowerment. We offer strategic support to local and community-based organizations, helping them to better reflect and respond to a community’s priorities.
Ibtikar also undertakes research, appraisals and feasibility studies for international, regional and governmental organizations to inform policy and assess impact. Drawing from our extensive pool of knowledge and networks, we provide a bridge between development aid and local potential.

Who we are

Ibtikar is a young company founded by development professionals with decades of regional experience. Engaging and offering local knowledge and acumen, Ibtikar’s expertise ranges from North Africa to Yemen, with experience in local, regional and international NGOs and UN agencies. Ibtikar is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Sliding payment scale

Ibtikar offers preferential treatment for local organizations.

Areas of expertise

Ibtikar promotes participatory social development through research, strategic planning, proposal and project design, evaluations and assessments. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Civil society and NGO empowerment
    We design projects and funds proposals, management structures, organizational strategic planning, and participatory monitoring and evaluation tools and systems.
  • Gender and social development
    We evaluate and implement multi-sector gender mainstreaming, oversee gender assessments and promote women’s empowerment as a core component of poverty reduction and social development.
  • Community health
    We provide expert, community-based guidance to development work promoting reproductive, adolescent and mental health, addressing gender-based violence, and fomenting positive health awareness and outreach.
  • Education and skills development
    We advise at the local and governmental level on school support, and design and assess the impact of popular education, vocational training and inclusive education programs and projects.
  • Human rights and advocacy
    We apply a rights-based approach to development work, and are dedicated to promoting the rights of refugees and IDPs, children and persons with disabilities through project planning and evaluation, as well as the design of awareness-raising campaigns.